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Armored Warfare Armored Warfare is a brand new game made by Obsidian Entertainment. This time it's all about steel monsters. But what makes it so special? Armored Warfare focuses on modern fighting vehicles and tanks.

Armored Warfare
Game: Armored Warfare
460 520

Assassin Mistical land of Atreii awaits You! Join now and help to solve one of the bloodiest conflicts between fractions. Sun driven Elyos, or cold loving Asmodians, it's your decission who you are going to join.

Game: Aion
165 190

M4 Sherman One of the best-known American tanks of WWII. Show no mercy to your enemies. With this mechanical giant you can cause a lot of damage. Want to test skills? It's your time to shine on the real battlefield. Roll out!

M4 Sherman
Game: World of Tanks
1050 1200

KV-2 Tank One of the most lethal tanks in War Thunder? We highly recommend KV-2 to fans of mechanical massacre. Its howitzer can cause an effective destruction. Enemies, be careful... Gain domination right now and move to a challenging fight!

KV-2 Tank
Game: War Thunder
1050 1200

League of Angels Join the League of Angels and help it with restoring the order in fantasy land. Powerful and wicked Suurde stole power from Angels and now world is defenceless. Lead united human front and fight against evil hordes.

League of Angels
Game: League of Angels
850 950
30.10.2016 Bananatic Update - no quests?
Bananatic Update - you do not see any game quests?