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World of Tanks

World of Tanks

World of Tanks
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"World of Tanks claims Guiness World Record for having biggest player base in MMO game." Simply put - millions of players around the world, hundreds of tanks to choose from and over 20 various maps to unleash steel beasts on.

World of Tanks gives you a chance to play some of the most famous tanks of World War II and even some WWI relics at lower tiers. Tanks are divided by their specialization, nation and tiers. There are light, medium and heavy tanks, followed by tank destroyers and artillery.

You start with tier 1 tank from each nation with fully skilled crew and climb up the tech tree to unlock more deadly machines. You do that by fighting agaist real players and gaining credits and experiance. More kills and damage in battle more experiance and credits you will get.

If you are unexperianced in this kind of games. World Of Tank offers you a brief tutorial that will teach you basics of the gameplay and controls. Also it will provide you with some starting gold and few free days of premium account.

Commanders! Roll out!

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