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Explore galactic with OGame! Become one of the colonists, who will take control over a small planet. Solar energy plays a huge role in the development of your village, not to mention raw resources... Face the adventure and conquer the universe!

OGame's "world" consists of 9 galaxies, more than 4,400 solar systems and more than 67 thousand planets (an impressive number :). The creators put a lot of emphasis on the multiplayer aspect of the game. One server can accommodate up to 15 thousand players. What's more, you can challenge others in the battle for space dominance. Anyway, besides the development of the colony and its architecture, you can build a truly space fleet.

This title is focused also on the multiplayer mode. You can invite your friends to play with, then to create a clan. Since then, military and economic cooperation will greatly improve the quality of your game.

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