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Mistical land of Atreii awaits You! Join now and help to solve one of the bloodiest conflicts between fractions. Sun driven Elyos, or cold loving Asmodians, it's your decission who you are going to join. Choose wisely since joining each of them brings many consequences.

Aion is a MMORPG situated in a fantasy world Atreia. If you like non-linear gameplay and a lot of adventure, it's a nobrainer for you. Aion gameplay provides players with tons of interesting quests and breathtaking storyline.
There are 4 main classes to choose from : warrior, scout, priest and mage. Each of them plays differently and will provide exceptional gaming experiance. Further in the game your hero will get access to additional specialisations or so called sub-classes.

PvP enthusiasts won't feel left out since Aion has a nicely developed PvP system as well.

So, huge locations, lot's of gameplay and an ability to play with your friends.. All of that completelty free of charge :D. Join now! Help Arteia regain it's balance once again!

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